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Checklist for Selling a Business: 8 Step Process

Selling your business with a successful outcome requires a dedicated professional and is nothing like selling real estate.  You can have confidence in our process that includes a step-by-step, confidential strategy to achieve the best possible buyers and price with the least amount of your time.

Process Step 1:    Decision involving all business partners, shareholders and family members is made to sell the business.

Process Step 2:    Detailed Business Evaluation:

A comprehensive analysis will be performed of your business involving finances, growth potential, market conditions and operations.  All appropriate legal and financial documentation gathered.  Recasting of financial documents may be necessary and best available methodology determined to arrive at mutually agreed to value.

Process Step 3:    Determine the Value of the Business; Determine the Asking Price of the Business:

Utilizing current sales data and detailed comparative market analysis both values will be mutually agreed to.

Process Step 4:    Develop and Implement Marketing Strategies: Your business will be confidentially marketed to other business brokers, publications, Internet websites and if desired to potential strategic buyers.

Process Step 5:   Handle potential buyers and create competition:

You can have confidence that inquiries about the purchase of your business will be handled confidentially.  Only qualified buyers under strict Non Disclosure agreements will be given details about your business.  We will handle the dissemination of any information and only involve you once a qualified interested buyer is engaged. Potential buyers are carefully screened.  They must provide genuine interest and proof of financial resources necessary to make an offer.

Process Step 6:    Deliver offers to seller:

We will deliver all offers to you in a timely and accurate way.  We operate on the principal of “time is of the essence” with every offer.

Process Step 7:    Guide all parties through the Due Diligence process:

The offer is only the first step and many hurdles are very to clear. Sometimes even the best opportunities are lost for both parties during this critical process step.  Lawyers, accountants, landlords, banks, family members and a variety of other third parties can jeopardize a successful outcome.  We will help to navigate through what can be a stressful time to achieve an on time positive closing.

Process Step 8:    Follow Up:

We recognize that referrals are the lifeblood of a business brokerage and we strive to maintain a strong and ongoing relationship as you prosper beyond the sale of your business.  During the ownership transition or beyond you may consult with us anytime.