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Happy Employees for a Successful New Business

Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 4:55PM

Happy Employees for a Successful New Business

If you're the new owner of a company, you might find yourself confronted with a few new faces--the employees of the original business.

For these kinds of sales--where the team of talent stays on board--there are unique obstacles (and opportunities!) worth considering. Take a look at today's blog for simple tips on meshing your business vision with your new employee team.

Get to know the individuals behind the business...

When you step up as the new owner of a company, you might be faced with questions, confusion, and a general uncertainty in the air. That's only natural! The best thing you can do for your new team is to get to know the individuals behind the work. This will help them to see your vision better, but it will also help you to get a feel for the people you're now working with. You might be surprised at what you find--some might have special skills for that project you've been thinking about, for example, while you'll find that others have a passion for philanthropy or other endeavors your company might be pursuing. Finally, getting to know the people--and not just the collective team--will help you know how things have operated in the past, so that you know what works and what you might want to change.

...but don't just stick to "status quo"

Speaking of changes... don't be afraid to make some! You might have heard the story of the woman who always cut the sides off her pot roast before cooking it because "that's how her mother always did it." Of course, only later did she realize that her mother did so because she had a tiny pot--not for any other reason!

It's a simple story, but it serves as a great example of why we should always know the reasons behind what we're doing--to fulfill tasks with purpose, not just because that's the only way we've seen them done. If you spot opportunities for improvement, don't be afraid to act on them and seek out newer, better practices. It's what being a business owner is all about!

These tips, and a bit of patience along the way, can help you and your team accomplish a cohesive business effort!

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