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Why Buying a Business Makes Sense in 2017

Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 10:25AM

Why Buying a Business Makes Sense in 2017

If you’ve wanted to branch out and own something special, you might have considered business ownership—however, don’t be swayed by your fears of starting one. There’s more than one way to become a business owner! In today’s blog, we will be looking at the biggest reasons why buying a business makes sense in 2017.

The price factor

When it comes to up-front affordability, you may be surprised to learn that buying a business offers many cost-friendly options and room for negotiation. In those cases where a purchase is more expensive than a new start, you can still enjoy the added value of this kind of deal—you’re not just paying for a business, but for a customer base, track record insights, and more.

A personalized, insightful case study

As we have just mentioned, purchasing a business lets you get an up-close and personal look at how that business was run and how it operated within the community. You get the privilege of starting out with insightful information as to what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in the past. If you’re just starting out on your own, this is a valuable advantage of purchasing a business.

An existing foundation

In addition to the great insights there are to gain from purchasing a business, you will of course have access to an existing foundation—in many cases—of employees, a strong location, devoted customers and more. You can spend a little less time getting settled and planting your roots, and a little more time developing the products of your business and finding its strong suits.

Choices to pick from

We always love having choices—which is part of what makes purchasing a business so advantageous. Doing so allows you to pick from for-sale businesses in the area you are interested in, versus having to start everything from scratch.

We hope that today’s blog has helped to answer your questions about business ownership. Have a specific question? Please feel free to contact us today—we’re more than happy to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

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